Wayfinder (Release date, TBD)

Synopsis: A survival story about a rogue space flight engineer who escapes back to Earth to reunite with her daughter.

Written and drawn by me. Colors by Warnia Sahadewa, Letters by Micah Myers and edited by Brittany Matters. Wayfinder was born out of my dying urge to tell a sci-fi action story set in Sri Lanka. This 80-page graphic novel was meant to have its international debut at the Emerald City Comic Con in 2020, which unfortunately was postponed as the pandemic hit. I haven’t planned another release date yet but keep an eye on my socials to get the latest updates.

What early readers had to say about Wayfinder…

“The layout of each page controls the tension and general atmosphere of the scene. Every page moves in its own unique pace, every scene has a distinct feel to it; with his layouts and panel compositions, Sachi fully draws the reader into the world he created.” – Comic Book Yeti

“The story is solid, the art is clean and beautiful. The colors are great. The letterer did fantastic work. Overall, this team did a wonderful job, and I can’t wait for everyone to see the full thing soon!” – Wandering Nerd Girl

“As a first chapter, it does well in establishing personalities and dynamic using dialogue. This is a pretty and charming stylistic choice of visual storytelling.” – A Place to Hang Your Cape